After a few thought provoking twitter conversations, this week I launched the first prototype of our Knife Classification tool built using FastAI and Streamlit (mirrored here).

Dressed up in a nifty package, the prototype currently:

(or, why I wish I’d read the docs)

After much, much fighting it, last week I finally decided it was time to stop working entirely in Python, and figure out this R nonsense I keep hearing about. There are endless articles about which is best, so I won’t re-tread that here — suffice to say you can’t do…

Quick and Dirty Predictions with LAPD Call Data

How hard is predicting policing demand in this age of easily accessible data-science? …

What I Learnt Studying a Dying Market

A Note on Ethics

While writing this, I’ve tried to adhere to a few principles to try and balance the benefits and risks of sharing some of this information — I’ve listed those below:

Andreas Varotsis

quantitative crime science @ MPS | Coordinator @ Police Rewired | My (personal) thoughts on crime, data, and economics |

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