Automating Knife Classification with Machine Learning

  • Lets users upload pictures into a nifty, gorgeous web-app created in Streamlit, which works great on desktop or mobile
  • Classifies pictures into 1 of 5 knife “categories”, powered by a FastAI deep learning neural network
  • Asks for user feedback, using new pictures for model re-training
  1. Why and how it works (for non-technical people!) (what you’re reading now)
  2. Training the model with FastAI (coming soon)
  3. Creating a front-end with Streamlit, hosting and production (coming soon)
  • Butterfly Knives
  • Folding Pocket Knives
  • Machetes
  • Combat and Bayonet Knives
  • Kitchen Knives



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Andreas Varotsis

Andreas Varotsis

quantitative crime science @ MPS | Coordinator @ Police Rewired | My (personal) thoughts on crime, data, and economics |